Week 4 – I Am the One Who is in Control

I have been processing this week the concept that I am in control of how my life plays out everyday and it begins with the “World Within”. I have been discovering and meditating on this all week and yet I still find myself at the end of the day realizing that the “effect” of the way my day turned out good or bad are directly connected  my thought which are the “cause”. It amazes me when I really examine the past years of my life that I blamed others for my circumstances or material things as the cause of my misfortune.


What would are planet be like if each person took responsibility for the life they are living, how it affected other around then and looked in the mirror and simply said to themselves “this is my creation and I am the only one who has the power to change it”.


Each week I consistently read the Master Key lesson and sit, do the daily readings of the GS and my DMP but I am still struggling with thoughts of failure and negativity. I know that through the work I am developing new habits that eventually leads to my bliss.

I must admit I have not participated in the mastermind community as much as I should be and that will change today. I am making a new commitment to be apart of that community because I know I can’t succeed in this journey alone.


This is a race I will win because I will never give up on my dream of living my life everyday in such a way that I am making a difference in the lives of those around me and empowering them to be their authentic self and they cause the people around them to the same. Proverbs 27:17 As iron sharpens iron,
so one person sharpens another.

until next week,

Mike Stewart




Week 3- Fear is the Enemy and It Must Be Destroyed

This week was very challenging for me regarding eliminating fear from my thoughts. My sister was rushed to the ER last week with a very infected gall bladder and I committed to praying for her every time I thought of her instead of fearing the worst. Reading Lesson 3 and doing the sit for 20 minutes each morning really helped me to connect with what God and keep my focus on creating the life I want and visualizing it down to the most minute detail and feeling what it is like when it is a reality empowered me to be there for my sister and stay positive throughout the week. As of today my sister is recovering very well and is being moved out of ICU.

By continuing to create new habits of reading the Greatest Salesman and using the tools I learned at Landmark I am able to clear out the gunk each and stay empowered to push through fear and stay committed to achieving my goals dreams and desires.


The more I continue to read and study and take action by creating who I am in the world, I am empowered to use all the gifts talents and abilities I have for the greater good of others. I am also focused each day on empowering others to learn how they can be and live their purpose in the world.

Paragraph 19 and 20 of the Master Key Lesson 3 is a constant reminder of the power that is available to us: 19. A knowledge of our ability to consciously radiate health,strength and harmony will bring us into a realization that there is nothing to fear because we are in touch with Infinite Strength. 20. This knowledge can be gained only by making practical application of this information. We learn by doing; through practice the athlete comes powerful.

I finished my DMP this week and I will continue to hone it down to 400 words and also add as much feeling to it so that when I read it becomes a part of me and my subconscious mind. I am so excited for what is ahead.

Until next time,



Week 2 That Mysterious Source That Never Sleeps

This week I really had a breakthrough regarding just how powerful my subconscious mind is. By reading the Greatest Salesman and the lesson and doing my sit I have already begun to apply the principals written in Scroll 1.  The results have been amazing! Many of my bad habits have been exposed and are being replaced with good habits. By reading the GS for the last two weeks and getting in into my subconscious I am able to create new habits that will guarantee that I will be successful at creating the life I want.


I have completed my rough draft of my DMP and my PPNs are Spiritual Growth and Ture Health. Our imagination is so powerful that I can actually see and feel myself achieving my DMP and living the dream!

What would our world be like if every person on the planet could experience their dream life materializing before their eyes? What would our world be like if each and every person was able to discover their purpose and live it each day? We would have a world that works, a world where people care about other people, a world whithout senseless killings, racism or hate. Our world would be filled with love for each other and each person would be empowered to raise up their brother and walk beside him and help him discover who he is and why he was born. This is the world that I am creating by sharing this work and other works. Be encouraged we will prevail one person at a time.

This is the great adventure!

until next time.






Week – 1 A New Transformation Begins

This week has been new discovery for me. This is my second time through the Master Key System however this time I am auditing the course.  Last year I uncovered new areas of my life that I will transform through my participation in this years course, Things like having complete control over my body by setting aside time after reading the Master Key and doing the sit. My sit this morning was very interesting today, while I had complete control over my body my mind was racing. There were so many random thoughts that pasted through my mind during those 20 minutes it was incredible. At one time I heard my name being called in my mind very clearly and loudly Mike! My favorite thing about this program is that it is all based on science, all of the exercises that I am asked to perform work on chipping off the cement that has accumulated over me that keeps me from being me. This is a course that every person should take, it will give them power over their thoughts, their body, and empower them to reprogram their subconscious mind.


It is by doing the daily work that you will discover a new-found power within yourself to take control of your life and create how you want it to be. I have not written my DMP yet but I have time scheduled to do that today. I am so looking forward to connecting more with other members during this course because last year I was too concerned about looking good and did not want to share my struggles for fear of judgement or ridicule. I am in a different person than I was 1 year ago, I am more authentic and real with people and less concerned about what people think of me. I am totally committed to living my DMP, my purpose in life and realizing that I am a gift to this universe and I want to share my gifts, talents, and abilities with the whole world.

This is the greatest adventure!

Have a blessed weekend


Week 26- As a Man Thinketh

It has been an amazing journey of discovery for me since I started the MKMMA in September of 2015. The best way to describe it is with the analogy of a roller coaster. You know where some turns you are laughing your head off and then you hit one of those dips where you feel you are heading straight down and screaming inside “why did I ever get on this ride”!!!

Roller Coaster

Roller Coaster Happy

This morning I really got some clarity as to why my life had so many ups and downs, twists and turns and so much drama. It was all due to my thoughts. The thoughts I entertain on a daily play an enormous part in who I am and how I interact with people. I was reading a section from As A Man Thinketh by James Allen and it was this statement that brought it to light.

Thought and character are one, and as character can only manifest and discover itself through environment and circumstance, the outer conditions of a person’s life will always be found to be harmoniously related to his inner state. This does not mean that a man’s circumstances at any given time are an indication of his entire character, but that those circumstances are so intimately connected with some vital thought-­‐element within himself that, for the time being, they are indispensable to his development.

Every man is where he is by the law of his being; the thoughts which he has built into his character have brought him there, and in the arrangement of his life there is no element of chance, but all is the result of a law which cannot err. This is just as true of those who feel “out of harmony” with their surroundings as of those who are contented with them.

As a progressive and evolving being, man is where he is that he may learn that he may grow; and as he learns the spiritual lesson which any circumstance contains for him, it passes away and gives place to other circumstances.

Man is buffeted by circumstances so long as he believes himself to be the creature of outside conditions, but when he realizes that he is a creative power, and that he may command the hidden soil and seeds of his being out of which circumstances grow; he then becomes the rightful master of himself.

One of the most important tools I have learned throughout this program is that it is only by the daily work on my inner world that my outer world is has harmony and bliss.

Your Mind is a Garden

For years I have sought answers from outside sources and now I know I have the power to change! It is not found in a book, not in anyone else but me. I have to do the work to reap the rewards. I encourage you to look into participating in this year’s Master Key program it it will give you the tools to you need to live your life passionately.


Until next time.


Mike Stewart


Week 25 Reconnecting with The Master

It has been an amazing week of reconnecting with God. This week we were instructed to read a lesson a day starting with lesson 1 and doing the exercise which is to sit in the presence of our omnipotent creator. What I learned from the lessons the past 10 days is that I lost touch of how important it is to connect each day with myself and God and the richness of his wisdom and the unconditional love he has for me and the power and wisdom he has to give me. It still amazes me how He is always available to me. Another truth I revisited this is the law of giving and receiving or said another way the law of reciprocity and how this law is unchangeable and irrefutable and if adopt these laws and live by them I will surely manifest my hearts desire which is to live my life being cause in the matter of leaving each person I come in contact with empowered and enabled to their own greatness. I am so looking forward to what is in store for me In the weeks to come.

Until next time.


Week 22-23 The Healing is in What I Think About

The last two lessons 22 and 23 have had a profound impact on my health and my wellbeing.

While reading each lesson I realized how much of my physical and emotional pain was self inflicted. Imagine living for years feeling like a failure in all I did, no matter how many positive things that I accomplished in my life, and no matter how many times others praised me I did not believe them.

By doing the daily outside work primarily the GS, my DMP, the index cards and the inside work (The Sit) I have been able to see myself as an amazing man who is about fulfilling his purpose on the planet.

Today I am finally free to be me and today I know with every fiber of my being I know that I am whole, complete and perfect just the way I am and just the way I am not. Now I see a whole realm of possibilities for my life and my future. One that includes empowering parents and their children to have health and vitality and making fresh produce available to every home. I will say more about these projects in a future post.

Until next time,